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Is Your Roof Ready for the Next Big Storm?

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CFS Roofing Services responds to a large volume of calls throughout the Southwest Florida summer as a result of storm damage – from major roof leaks to devastating damage caused by wind and blown debris. Our 24-7 emergency response team is equipped to respond quickly and professionally to restore the integrity of your roof should the unthinkable happen.

Often the impact that tropical weather takes on your roof can’t be avoided. Sometimes, though, a bit of prevention can help you avoid the stress, property loss, and financial impact that can happen when a hurricane or summer storm causes roof damage.


Here are some essential steps you can take to prepare your roof for summer storms.

  • Clean Your Gutters. Ensure gutters are free of leaves, branches, and other debris that could block downspouts, causing water to pool on your roof and seep into shingles, soffits, and fascia. Additionally, the weight from wet debris can damage gutters or cause them to pull away from the house. Keep in mind that strong winds may blow debris onto your roof or gutters even if trees aren’t next to your house.
  • Trim Back Trees. Keep trees trimmed at least six feet away from your home. Trimming foliage around your house not only helps keep gutters clean, it also prevents large limbs from damaging your house during a weather event. Broken limbs can crack your roof shingles or result in premature deterioration from added weight. In a major storm, branches can scratch against your roof, eroding its protective coating.
  • Check for Roof Leaks. Increased water flow from a storm can cause a “small” leak to become a big problem that can compromise the structural integrity of your roof and damage your dwelling’s walls, insulation, electrical wiring, and foundation. Call for repair without delay if you discover any leak, no matter how small.
  • Review Your Warranty & Insurance Policy. Is your paperwork handy? In the event of a major storm, easily locating your warranty and insurance information can help you expedite a claim. Be sure your policy is up to date and that it covers all kinds of damage to your roof. Also, check your roof manufacturer’s warranty policy. Your warranty may become void if you don’t regularly inspect and maintain your roof for optimal performance.
  • Repair Existing Roof Damage. Getting through the summer storm season requires a solidly constructed, weather-tight roof. If you see a leak or other damage happening either on the inside or outside of your roof system, call CFS Roofing Solutions. Taking immediate action can protect your home from Southwest Florida’s extreme weather and strengthen potential insurance or warranty claims.


Don’t take risks with your safety. If there’s any question about whether it’s safe for you to maintain or repair a roof yourself, consult a reputable local roofing company like CFS Roofing Services. They are specially trained and use special safety equipment to work on rooftops. Plus, they offer a free roof review where they’ll examine your home’s roof system to be sure it’s structurally secure and weather-tight, and will provide a repair estimate to address any concerns. They’ll even work with your insurance company to quickly repair your roof and resolve any roof damage insurance claims.

The roofing industry is constantly evolving, and as systems change and become more sophisticated it’s important that roofers stay educated in these advancements. CFS team members hold National Roofing Contractor Association (NRCA) ProCertification so you can be confident you’ll receive the industry-leading professionalism and quality these certifications represent from experienced roofing specialists performing to the highest standards in the trade.

CFS Roofing Services understands how important your roof is to the safety and security of everyone that lives beneath it. That’s why the company works by the creed, “Your Home Matters Most.” And, with over four decades of experience, owner David Crowther practically has seen it all when it comes to roof damage caused by Southwest Florida’s extreme weather. Be sure to make a roof review part of your summer storm and hurricane prep plan. To book a free roof review, visit or call 239.561.2600.